College introduction

College introduction


Yunnan tourism vocational college.

(Yunnan College of Tourism Vocation)

Yunnan tourism vocational college is approved by the people's government of yunnan province, the ministry of education for the record, directly affiliated to yunnan tourism development committee of yunnan province only a tourist class, junior college level, public full-time higher vocational colleges.

Determined by ministry of education of college is the "national key construction vocational education teacher training base", the national tourism administration awarded "China - asean tourism talents education training base", the China association for science and technology as "the national popular science education base", the standing director unit of China tourism association, China association of tourism education branch, vice President of units, civilized unit in yunnan province, yunnan tourism vocational education teaching steering committee, director of the unit, vocational education institute, vice President of units in yunnan province.

From 1956 to the establishment of yunnan tourism vocational college, the college has passed four important development processes, namely, the construction of kunming geological school in April 1956;In 1965, kunming geological school, chongqing geological school and sichuan geological technical school merged into three schools. In 1994, it was assessed by the ministry of education as a national key secondary vocational school.On December 25, 1997, the ministry of mineral resources and yunnan province signed an agreement to transform kunming geological school into a tourism school in yunnan province.On February 26, 2010, the provincial government officially approved the approval. On May 9, 2011, the ministry of education filed the record, and yunnan tourism vocational college was officially established.

The college is located in the beautiful spring city kunming longquan road, covering an area of 216 mu, with a building area of 105,000 square meters.The full-time student is 5651.The students are mainly from yunnan province, covering sichuan, chongqing, guizhou and other western provinces. Meanwhile, they have conducted extensive tourism education exchanges and cooperation in southeast Asia and South Asia.

College currently runs tertiary level geological survey and mineral reconnaissance, gemstone identification and processing, engineering survey technology, tunnel and underground engineering, construction project management, the air cabin, computer information management, software technology, accounting, marketing, tour guide, travel agency management, scenic area development and management, hotel management, leisure services and management, cooking process and nutrition, advertising design and production, arts and crafts design, character design, tourism English, the application of Japanese, Thai, wedding services and management professional, 23;Technical secondary school level have graphic design and production, building engineering construction, the high star-rated hotels and operation management, hotel management, Chinese food cooking, tourism services and management, gemstone identification and processing and hairdressing and image design, engineering measurement, software and information service, tour guide service, tourism English, geotechnical engineering and construction, accounting, and other 15 major geological survey and prospecting.

The faculty has a strong faculty, with 293 faculty members and 173 full-time teachers.The senior professional and technical titles of the whole hospital are 73 people and 95 intermediate titles;More than 70 teachers with doctor's degree and master's degree;Have provincial level teaching master 1 person;There are 8 professional leaders in the hospital, 16 of them.

With a history of running school, college in 61, formed a "people-oriented" as the foundation, the basis of system management, target management as the means, executive force to guarantee, democratic participation for supervision, unite the director-general, scientific and standardized management system;Formed the "thick DE channel, learned knowledge" the school motto, "macmillan and still, civilizing yanfang" educational philosophy, the "unity, diligence, truth-seeking, innovation" the fine school spirit, "according to law, scientific, democratic and harmonious" the moral concept of campus culture, such as system;Run independently and the combination of cooperation in running schools, to form the degree education and vocational training, the combination of general education and adult education, the combination of domestic education and international education cohesion, university-enterprise cooperation, engineering alternation mode of teaching.Since the establishment of the university, it has accumulated more than 30,000 talents of professional skills and talents for the society, and has made a great number of talents for the society.

Over the past three years, the college has made a mission to train tourism professionals, serve the development of tourism industry, carry out tourism science research and carry forward yunnan tourism culture.Conscientiously implement the party's education policy, adhere to the socialist direction of running, adhere to the "khalid ents as fundamental, to serve the development for the purpose, in order to promote the employment as the guidance" the vocational education policy, with scientific views of development command the overall situation of college work, adhere to the "construction, promote renovation through evaluation through evaluation, to promote tube to review and improve quality", to strengthen college modern higher vocational education connotation construction.Based on yunnan, relying on the industry, serving the whole country, facing southeast Asia South Asia, the high quality and influential tourism vocational college is the target.Education, vocational training and technical services, as well as various forms of running schools.The training of specialists in the field of tourism and social economy development needs, for the implementation of yunnan "big tourism province" to a "powerful tourism province" strategic objectives, implementation of southwest open bridgehead oriented development strategy target cultivate high-quality talents in the field of technical skills.